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Blink mobilises faster and smarter vehicle transport between shippers and carriers with an intuitive tech-led solution. For dealers, auction houses, wholesalers, car yards and more, it’s ready to bring transport organisation to the next level.

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Raise the bar of your shipments - anytime, anywhere

Blink’s mobile and desktop applications consolidate everything from bookings, billing and tracking, to automations, cost analytics and client communications on one easy-to-use dashboard.

It’s an all-in-one online solution eliminating paperwork and uplifting business from the get-go.

iOS and Android App

For shippers

View all your shipment information in the palm of your hands. Real-time status updates and handy notifications keep shippers and drivers in touch and ETAs on-track.

With Blink, shippers can:
Online dashboard

For managers

Blink’s desktop solution allows shippers to automate, digitise and increase the efficiency of their shipping processes. With ease, optimise your business without the paperwork.

With Blink, managers can:

Shift into your most productive gear

Integrate with current management solutions

Blink can integrate with existing enterprise or bespoke transport management systems and DMS’ to uplift well-established operations without disruption. Our API seamlessly connects with carriers to smoothen the shipping journey.

Onboard your team

Invite your entire team to use Blink. Share information, look up booking IDs and keep everyone in the loop.

Streamline booking processes

Connect with or invite customers into the Blink ecosystem to save countless hours on the phone and in your inbox. Easily book jobs, setup payments and make plans in-app.

Track and secure deliveries

Know where everything and everyone is at all times. Timely notifications will keep you up-to-date and on schedule, while digital proof-of-delivery capabilities, photo inspections and damage markings, leave nothing to guesswork if issues arise.

Gain actionable analytics

Inbuilt cost analytics allow car carriers to identify cost-inefficiencies, profit opportunities and more. Take these insights onboard to amplify your operations as you move.

Blink’s thriving community of carriers and shippers

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Ongoing and hands-on support from our team of experts is all part of the Blink experience. We’re ready to help you take your business to the next level with assistance every step of the way. Whether you’re looking to integrate or replace existing solutions, Blink has your back.

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