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Blink Advantages

Blink is quick and easy to setup.

By doing everything digitally using one piece of software you’ll save hours every week.

Blink is accurate and informative.

Desktop, laptop, phone? No problem. You can check Blink on any device with real time notifications so you always know whats happening.

Blink is guaranteed to save you time and money.

Designed specifically for car transportation we’ve thought of just about everything you need to make your life easier whether your a car carrier or shipper.

See what our customers are saying…

“Blink has helped us grow from 25 to over 70 trucks within our fleet.”

After nearly 15 years of using a range of Blink products we have grown from 25 to over 70 trucks within our fleet. It’s amazing how Blink’s technology has enable us to scale our business, provide better customer service and truly become a leader in the car transport industry.

Paul Dolby

General Manager, Ace Car Freighters

“Blink has changed our lives, we have been on a holiday for the first time in years.”

We implemented the Blink Driver solution several months ago. It’s easy to use, reliable and has provided significant savings during the everyday operations of our business. We’ve truly been able to get our lives back under control and can now focus on growing our business again. We also went on our first holiday in 6 years!
Simon & Gabby Gill

Owner Operators, Southwest Car Carriers

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