Transport Livestock? Ditch the pen & paper with Blink.

Keeping track of your fleet, drivers, customers and bookings has never been easier when you utilise our Carrier Dashboard.

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What is Blink?

Blink is a transport management system built to link carriers with shippers. It is a modern dispatch tool for carriers to consolidate all their bookings, allocate runs, dispatch to drivers and track deliveries. It is available on all devices, anywhere, anytime. Ditch the paperwork and spreadsheets! Optimise your business with Blink today!

Why get Blink for your livestock transport business?

Your Custom Dashboard

Eliminate paperwork and start doing everything online. Replace your current systems with a scalable and affordable solution.

Receive Digital Bookings

Create your own branded booking form with a logo, company name and details. Customers will recognise your business.

Invite Your Customers

Save countless hours on the phone, sending emails and receiving SMS messages by inviting your customers.

Allocate Optimised Runs

Optimise the routes and run sheets for your drivers by allocating bookings that will save them time and you money.


Dispatch To Your Drivers

Digitally notify your drivers of new jobs, when and where they must be. With one click you can SMS or email the job.

Track Deliveries

Know where everything is at all times. Our notifications will keep you on top of everything at all times.

Avoid Insurance Claims

With digital POD our photo inspections and damage markings will reduce your insurance claims.

Enjoy Happy Clients

Your customers will love booking with you when you have technology, transparency and accountability.

Go Mobile

Available on any device, anywhere, at anytime you will always be able to rely on Blink.

Meet Our Happy Carriers

It's amazing how Blink's technology has enabled us to scale our business

After nearly 15 years of using a range of Blink products we have grown from 25 to over 70 trucks within our fleet. It’s amazing how Blink’s technology has enable us to scale our business, provide better customer service and truly become a leader in the car transport industry.


Paul Dolby

General Manager, Ace Car Freighters

We went on our first holiday in 6 years!

We implemented the Blink Driver solution several months ago. It’s easy to use, reliable and has provided significant savings during the everyday operations of our business. We’ve truly been able to get our lives back under control and can now focus on growing our business again. We also went on our first holiday in 6 years!


Simon and Gabby Gill

Owner Operators, Southwest Car Carriers

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