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Southwest Car Carriers


A car transportation company based in regional Victoria, Southwest Car Carriers had used pen and paper for 10 years before coming onto Blink. Disparate, non-integrated systems caused significant replication of effort, and errors from manual data entry were common. This contributed to an inability to provide the transparency and accountability desired by their clients and caused delays in billing, payment and cost allocation. In addition they were unable to provide enough evidence to successfully dispute insurance claims with their customers.


Together with Southwest and several key carriers, the Blink team determined the MVP features required to bring carrier operations onto the Blink platform, launched in November 2018. Several iterations of the product were inspired by the help of Southwest.

Southwest were also crucial with the development and implementation of the Blink Driver app, launched in April 2019. 


  • Since moving to Blink, Southwest has grown their team and their revenue, all while dramatically reducing working hours and stress
  • Time previously used manually managing data has been reallocated to focus on growing, expanding and optimising their business
  • Southwest has continued to partner with Blink extensively, referring several key carriers to the platform over the years 

“We couldn't be happier with Blink, it's absolutely changed our lives. I'm less stressed, more organised and can now focus on growing our business again. We also went on our first holiday in 6 years because I can dispatch from my iPad!"

- Simon & Gabby Gill (Owners Southwest Car Carriers)

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