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Every day, Manheim receives hundreds of customer queries relating to the whereabouts of vehicles. This requires the company to query the relevant carrier to ascertain the vehicle location - a timely and costly process fraught with difficulty for the operations team. On average, the operations team receives 170 phone and 400 email queries per month relating to vehicle whereabouts and status. 

Furthermore, Manheim's chain of responsibility regarding their vehicle collection and delivery was too distributed, without centralised artefacts to produce for their relevant stakeholders.

Carriers who complete work for Manheim were required to login to the carrier TMS portal in order to update jobs. Given they couldn't manage the remainder of their operations through this portal, real-time updates rarely occurred, failing to provide efficiencies when answering customer queries.


In collaboration with the Manheim team, we identified the feature gap between our existing Blink Carrier solution and their carrier TMS, as well as the required interface for effective inbound and outbound data.

In addition, we designed a solution for carriers who weren't currently on the Blink platform, or who were unlikely to transition to the full premium product called Blink Carrier lite. This allows carriers to complete their collections, deliveries and generate our COR artefact with minimal effort and at no cost to the carrier.

Furthermore, we designed solutions for our existing carrier integration partners, Ace Car Freighters and Carways, interfacing their existing TMS solutions in a three-way integration with the Blink Platform and Manheim TMS.

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