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Ace Car Freighters


Ace Car Freighters have traditionally received bookings from their customers in several ways, namely via phone call, SMS message and email. These bookings - some of which had scant details - were consolidated and entered into Ace's existing carrier TMS and dispatched to their fleet. This was a timely, costly and inefficient activity, so Ace were looking to reduce the time spent entering data as much as possible.

Ace also had an existing Android-only mobile data solution with limited monitoring and performance capabilities that was plagued with expensive and complicated platform updates. Combined with Ace’s lack of daily driver compliance, the business was left open to significant risk.


In collaboration with the Ace Car Freighters team, Blink designed a solution that integrated their existing TMS solution with our companion driver app. This provided Ace with real-time collection and delivery status updates. In addition, the cost and effort required from Ace to update their application was completely removed by moving to the Blink app, together with reducing the cost of providing Android devices to their fleet.

Blink also developed a safety checklist for their drivers to be filled out daily, mitigating significant risk to the business. Furthermore, we developed a booking parser solution where work orders sent to Ace from key customers - Manheim, Pickles and Carlins - were automatically parsed, with subsequent bookings created in Ace's TMS ready to be dispatched.


  • Ace have imported over 20,000 vehicles into their TMS since applying our parser solution, saving an estimate of over $25000 since implementation
  • The company has been able to effectively expand their fleet after implementing the Blink Driver app, increasing their business and growing revenue  

"We've been using technology developed by this team for many years now and it's been crucial in elevating our business to the next level. We have grown from 50 to 70+ drivers with the help of Blink"

- Paul Dolby (Ace Car Freighters)

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