With 30 years of experience developing transport software..

it was time to build our own SaaS product Blink. “Linking Shippers and Carriers In The Transport Industry”.

What’s SaaS? (Software as a Service). You know your NetFlix and Spotify subscription, it’s like those but instead of binging on the couch our software will help you optimise your transport business for a small monthly fee. Blink offers transport management software that is available anywhere, any time, on any device.

There were plenty of customers we demonstrated our enterprise software to who kept saying “I love it and I want to use it, but it’s too complicated, it’s too expensive or we’re doing okay with what we’ve got.” That’s when we realised we can help the small guys run their transport business in a better way. With the same level of sophisticated technology we set out to make a more accessible and economical software package for our future customers.

How carriers currently work

We’ve been working hard meeting car carriers and shippers (dealers, auction houses and wholesalers) to find out exactly what it is you want when it comes to your TMS (Transport Management System). This is what we’ve come up with so far:

  • One place to manage all your jobs and customers.
  • Less paperwork.
  • Less phone calls, emails and SMS.
  • A consistent way to dispatch runs/jobs to your drivers.
  • The ability to lookup the status of a delivery.
  • Simple invoicing and
  • Online quoting.

So are you looking for a better way to run your transport business?

Do you own a car carrying or towing company?

Are you a dealer, auction house or wholesaler?

If you are, find out more from one of our friendly team members by registering for the Blink Beta below.

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