“Blink has changed our lives, we have been on a holiday for the first time in years.”

Simon & Gabby Gill (Owner/Operators) with their team of dispatchers and drivers.

“The team at Blink are great, they are there anytime of day or night to give advice.  The ease of use is a massive positive about the software. My 10 year old son was keying jobs into Blink as we drove along in the truck, which was awesome because he loved knowing Dad didn’t have to sit in the office all night. Family time is finally something we can think about again. We have been on a holiday for the first time in years. We took the tablet and as long as we had internet I could book jobs, allocate runs and track of everything.”

What was the biggest problem in your business before joining Blink?

“We had massive issues keeping track of jobs and which truck each job was allocated to.  I’ll send you a photo, but pretty much our office floor looked like a rubbish tip.  Every night I needed to email or text each driver with the runs for the next day. My phone just never stopped ringing.”

What have you achieved since using Blink?

“Customers rings way less because we are able to more accurately inform them where their cars are and what time they will be delivered.  We’ve also dramatically cut down the number of phones calls down between the office and our drivers as everything can now be updated instantly using the app.”

Why would you recommend this to someone who might be on the fence?

“At the end of the day the sheer amount of time saved by using Blink is enough to get on board. Also not being ‘locked in’  to a contract is great for a small businesses like ours. All we want is a solution that works while being cost effective.”

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