The transport and logistics industry is one of the top revenue earners for Australian GDP.  The transport and logistics industry employs in excess of 655,300 individuals (Source: Labour Market information portal). The number comes to around 5% of the total Australian labour workforce. 

With the e-commerce boom and an increase of food delivery there is a steady increase in the rate of employment in the industry over the last few years. Year on year it has increased by 6.6% as per government data. Even though the pandemic has hit the industry hard, the employment trend is deemed to be positive in the near future. What all these data points effectively mean is that the industry will be one of the most extensive uses of human capital. And where there is massive human resource involved, health and wellness become a top priority.

Putting mental health on the right track 

In a recent development, BP has teamed up with Healthy Heads to boost the mental wellbeing of truck drivers. As we continue to improve our understanding between mental health and productivity, it is clear that our truck drivers need our help. Occupational stress is a major factor affecting poor mental health in our truck drivers. But that is not all. The other contributing factors to poor mental health includes:

  • Isolation for a long periods of time
  • Pressure of deadlines
  • Long hours driving without reprieve
  • Road hazards and the need for high levels of continuous concentration

Monash University conducted research that claims that mental health injuries are more rapid in certain geographical areas as compared to other places. Most of these locations are primarily the outskirts of big cities. The border between Victoria and New South Wales is one of the worst-case scenarios with a large number of transport routes running between our two major cities, Sydney and Melbourne.

Wellbeing should be the top priority for employers

Mental and psychological wellbeing should be the top priority for employers. Not only for driver wellbeing but for productivity of the business. Off days by truck drivers due to mental stress does nothing to help productivity. The news of the partnership between BP and Healthy Heads in Trucks and Sheds thus comes as a welcome relief to many employers. It gives our truck drivers the right guidance and support to ensure good mental health. The whole transport, warehousing and logistics industry is set to benefit from this partnership. 

BP has over 500 sites for large truck stops. All of these can be utilized to mobilize the concept. The on-site reach out to truck drivers will be beneficial for those who do not have direct access to support. 

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