The problem for car transport companies?

Car transporters currently use inefficient and antiquated systems to manage jobs between their business and their customers. It generally starts by receiving bookings over the phone, email or SMS. This is then written onto a physical run sheet, SMS’d or forwarded onto their drivers. The driver is on the road for hundreds of KM’s, completing multiple jobs all while dealing with numerous phone calls, incorrect information and slow pickup processes. For most companies a week a physical docket actually needs to get handed back in so everyone gets paid! Does that sound familiar? Well if it does, you’re not alone.

After speaking with numerous car carrying companies it was apparent that the need for transport management software was overwhelming. 64% of respondents at least use emails, phone calls and text messages to manage their drivers, with 22% still using pen and paper! Of the 30 businesses surveyed only 14% actually have technology in the trucks for their drivers to use. A handful had GPS tracking but what value does that provide without knowing what delivery is next and when they’ll be there? It’s no secret that the car transport industry is in need of a serious overhaul. By taking advantage of Blink we will enable you to retrofit your entire dispatch process, serve more customers and make more money.

How Blink can transform your business?

With 30+ years experience in the transport industry we decided it was time to build a turnkey solution. Blink allows any car carrier to get up and running with a modern TMS (Transport Management System) in a matter of days. Low cost, low risk, with no commitment, we provide an opportunity for car carriers to modernise their business. We’re currently offering Blink completely free of charge for 30 days. Our vision is simple, to link shippers and carriers in seamless and efficient way. Carriers will receive digital bookings with a permanent ledger of job history. Drivers will be supported throughout their day with optimised routes, digital proof of delivery, truck specific navigation and in app damage reports. For dealers, wholesalers and auction houses this results in less phone calls and more transparency.

Register for Blink today and experience real time dispatch, route planning, backloading and integrated invoicing with either MYOB or XERO. We’re certain our software will make your team happy and help grow your business.

Available on all devices, anywhere, at anytime..

No matter where you or your drivers are you’ll be able to access Blink. Our application allows you to track a delivery, instantly invoice customers and add jobs on the fly. We’ve got plenty of ideas to come and are excited to let you now that our new software is now available. After 12 months of development and research it has been an exciting journey so far. Simple get in touch with a member of our team at or register below.

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