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Blink was built to elevate the entire vehicle transport industry

Blink’s journey began more than two decades ago within the software development space of the transportation and logistics industry. Over time, as the workforce grew and vehicle volumes increased, the disconnected and manual transport management systems of the past began to crumble.

The available solutions weren’t keeping pace with the needs of the modern industry, with carriers, shippers and customers all paying the price. You could track a pizza to your door but not an $80,000 car. Things needed to change.

So, Blink was born to challenge these legacy problems with cutting-edge solutions. We drew from our professional experience and listened to what carriers and shippers truly required, realising it was an intuitive system that spoke equally to those behind the wheel and at the desk. Now, Blink’s cutting-edge software helps anyone along the vehicle transportation pipeline lead the next generation of vehicle transport with no paperwork, better unified systems, more transparent processes and incredibly optimised operations.

All of that – in a Blink!


To empower carriers and shippers with greater efficiency, transparency and opportunity to optimise business.


To lead a more connected vehicle transport industry built on open communication, fast operations and streamlined workflows.

Our driving values


Blink recognised that the transport industry was going nowhere fast without innovation - ironic considering it’s what we all strive to do. Our tech-led transport management solution accelerates vehicle shippers and carriers into a new generation of transport.


Blink’s team of experts are ready to provide ongoing and hands-on support for businesses taking their operations to the next level. We understand the industry has been wading in paperwork for decades, so we’re here to help streamline a complete digital transition or integration.


Whether it’s between the Blink team and its clients, a driver and their manager, or our software and a bespoke tool, our innovative transport management solution thrives on side-by-side interaction. It’s how we’re securing a more connected industry, helping you decrease your workload and continually building our product in-line with your distinct needs.

About the team

Blink is a family business brought to life by founders Tony Brain and Chris Mortimer. The duo uplift over three decades of experience developing enterprise-level logistics software for international and national transport fleets. This revered expertise underpins a field-leading and motivated team across product, engineering and customer support.

The Blink team comprises experts in all things modern technology, leveraging transport industry and innovation experience, as well as partnerships with vendors in security, cloud hosting and service observability. They are known for being cooperative, adaptable and competent in handling uncertain situations, and lean on a 25-year legacy working alongside Europe’s largest independent courier company.

Our clients approach us for this very reason. What’s more, we thoroughly enjoy what we do. Our work culture revolves around the concept that work can be fun, with all of us understanding the vital link between wellbeing, comfortability and quality work. This emboldens an unwavering dedication to quality and a distinctive, stimulating work culture that contributes to the group’s average tenure of 17 years.

The result? Unparalleled customer service, robust solutions and global viability. Blink exemplifies it all.

Blink has your back

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Ongoing and hands-on support from our team of experts is all part of the Blink experience. We’re ready to help you take your business to the next level with assistance every step of the way. Whether you’re looking to integrate or replace existing solutions, Blink has your back.

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